Twisted media collages and some early art/punk music videos.
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80's Time Capsule
Breezy, irreverent romp through the 80's with video clips
drawn from over a hundred hours of broadcast television.
Distorted vision of pop culture and politics during the un-60s decade.
Cold War Shortwave
Though recorded in the mid-80's this soundscape of the "old broadcast order" sounds delightfully archaic. This pre-Web "global village" contains a strong dose of anti-American propaganda, but seems more mysterious than strident.
InterProbe (theCream of International Broadcasting)
Demo for a TV network that excerpts of international TV and parodies broadcasting as well as multiculturalism. Often like a travelogue film run amok, this mix of communist media and 3rd World showbiz is downright DEVO!
Public Image Ltd. (background)
performs a surprise gig in NYC during their 1st U.S. Tour in 1980. Covered with three cameras it resulted in a five song, half hour video.
Birth of Punk (link not a clip)
Prototype for interactive history of punk rock. Starts with New York origins featuring rare video clips. Bracketing that is a look at the commercialization of Punk.
Test Mix With Random Pix .(broad-band Quicktime)
Audio collage set to over five hundred 70's pop culture images sequenced to the beat of the music. The voice-over deals with political intrigue and conspiracy theories with the usual cast of characters, the Jesuits, KKK and the Queen of England.
Frankie Teardrop (w/ Walter Robinson,Edit DeAk).
A hybrid that combines superimposed projector manipulations and high-end video post-production. The resulting video is described by John O'Connor of the NY Times as "an urban ballad of mental break-down". Included in Rolling Stone's "Book of Rock Video." Song by Suicide.
Big Ship
"Framed" video portraits of Manhattan. Juxtaposing images are woven into continuity by long dissolves set to an instrumental track by Brian Eno of the same name. Part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art.
White Collar Funk excerpt (broad-band Quicktime)
Flatiron district in the 70's, long before it was cool.
Sidewalk surveillance of pedestrians that features folks who have faded from the New York scene.
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