Dedication (written in 2000)
Broadband does not mean "buy faster." Broadband means an audio/video Internet. Its a world where every video maker could own a "printing press." (As in "freedom of the press if you own a printing press.") "Indie" film and video on the Internet means "individual." That will mean navel-gazing and highly personal,self-indulgent work. It also means auteur-city! This phenomena will bring something that is sorely missing to television, an individual voice. For all the resources available to corporate/committee efforts, they lack the power of a distinctive individual voice, an author. In that spirit I dedicate this page to the Davids who are rising up to challenge the media megacorp Goliaths. Having said all that I fully expect companies to invest in individual voices because that model now makes sense.

I don't expect the broadband Internet to save the world. I do expect it to unleash a torrent individual video voices into the bland, celebrity-driven television landscape. So here is one opening salvo that offers one individual voice... yeah, mine!

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