Video links for Dougherty article*

The Routledge Handbook of Remix Studies and Digital Humanities


6 Remix Works by Paul Dougherty


1976 Mash-up from 'White Collar Funk' by Paul Dougherty



Test Mix w/ Random Pix (1979)



Public Image Viz-Efx ReMix Collage (1980)



InterProbe: the Cream of International Broadcasting (1982)



Cold War Shortwave (1988)



80’s Time Capsule (1991)




Original Dougherty YouTube page PaulJD2006



Dougherty attempt at a YouTube “rebrand” ZippyClips (2009)


Video Culture  - Dougherty blog most related to remix work



avideolife - Video generation 1.5

Dougherty blog mostly about early video covering original work and technology




*aka Master List of Dougherty Remix Videos